Photoshop CS5 Water Text Effect Tutorial

Category : Tutorials Oct 12th, 2011

In today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to make one amazing water text effect in Photoshop CS5 with very few steps and adjustments.

I might say that this tutorial is for Photoshop beginners as there are used only basic layer effects and no advanced PS techniques. I’ll show you how with small variations of the layer’s options you can get different kinds of liquid text effects.

This technique can be applied for various objects and shapes, like creation of water drops on different surfaces and textures.

In this tutorial I’m using one free font called Jane Austen, which you can download below:

Jane Austen (35.2 KiB)

So let’s start with our water text effect tutorial.

First we’ll create a 420 x 240 px canvas and fill it with #006699 color. Now let’s type in our text with white color.

Open up the text’s layer options panel and set the settings like shown below:

1. First let’s start with the Drop Shadow effect.


2. Now set the Inner Shadow.


3. Adjust the Inner Glow settings.


4. Adjust the Bevel and Emboss.


5. Now set Color Overlay. The color is #ccffff than set the whole text layer fill opacity to 6%.

Now you can add some water spills and water drops. Rasterize your type layer and with white color draw some spilling liquid from the text. Something like this:


Now we can add some more realism to our water scene by adding some condense on the background. We can do this by creating a new layer below the text and the water drops and draw some lines with white color and brush size around 30 px. Now go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise and set it to 60%, Uniform, Monochromatic. Than set this layer’s opacity to 4 – 6%. Try this effect on multiple color backgrounds and textures to get different results.


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